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Business Planning Workshops

Develop a business plan specific to you and establish your business strategy in a series of two hour session. Business plans help you to achieve specific goals, expand your business or maintain a competitive edge in your industry. In this introductory session, we take the complexity out of creating a plan tailored specifically to your business.

In the first session we assist you in researching your industry, market and competitors. We work with you to consider any challenges your business may face. We guide you in setting the future path for your business and assist you to navigate your business towards success.

Karen Van den Hengel from Launch Astronauts & Five Sides Consulting runs this series of three.

COST: $40 for one session or $100 for all three.

The full course of workshops is:
Session One: Developing the Business Plan and establishing your business strategy Wed 10 May
Session Two: Establish objectives required to execute and achieve strategic goal Wed 7 June
Session Three: Review and Analyse results, next steps Wed 5 July

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