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This program aims to bring awareness of the great services and products that are available within our Municipality, and stimulate local support for our local enterprises.

Every fortnight, a different local business is profiled in our E-bulletin, which is sent out to over 3,500 recipients. On the alternate week, relevant and interesting news on local business and events are shared with our audience.

What is the purpose of the Support Local Program?

Council adopted the Economic Development Strategy 2015 - 2020 at the end of 2014. One of the strategic goals in this strategy is to 'continue to facilitate business growth and prosperity, intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of the local community.'

What is in it for YOU?

You get the opportunity to share something about your dream and your business with a wide audience, for free!


Your business has to be:

How would you get involved?

  • Please send us an email to express your interest. 



New Creative Makers' Hub

Do you consider yourself a Maker? New creative makers' hub to support local planning, drive inner city employment

Melbourne councils have joined forces on a ground breaking project that recognizes, fosters and analyses the contribution of small urban makers to the social, cultural and economic fabric of the city.

The new digital platform,, aims to capture information about the potentially hundreds of creative makers already working across dozens of industries in inner-Melbourne, including areas as diverse as 3D printing, animation, furniture design and manufacture, food and beverage production, industrial and product design, musical instrument making, textiles, wig making, web design, millinery, framing, architecture, yarn making, homewares, fashion, shoes, bicycle, map, stationery and toy making.

The site is an outcome of a University of Melbourne study which focused on small urban makers - defined as a business which is located in a highly urbanized area, that makes or designs a physical or digital product and employs fewer than 20 people - with the aim of helping local government make informed decisions about the competing demands of industrial and commercial land use versus residential development.

The aim of is to enable participating councils to pinpoint clusters of 'makerspaces' across the inner city to drive innovation and employment opportunities.

Makers that provide their business information will:

  • have their locations mapped
  • showcase their products
  • connect with suppliers
  • locate customers
  • benefit from support
  • contribute to ongoing local government research.

Find out more about this initiative and register your creative business here.